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As one of the oldest and most respected local IT support and installation companies in the Hudson Valley, hundreds of clients in Banking, Non-Profits, Insurance, Manufacturing and Small Businesses have used us since 1999 to implement simple, standardized solutions to meet their technology needs.

We specialize in solutions for support, pre and post installations and IT planning and implementation in the following areas:

  1. Local Area Network Design and Deployments

  2. Wide Area Networks and Wireless Solutions

  3. Insurance & Banking Support

  4. Network Security and Compliancy Documentation

  5. Facility Managed Solutions

  6. Voice Over IP Solutions for efficient and low cost communications

  7. Residential and Commercial Automation for Lighting, Sound, Climate Controls and Security.

Our goal is to focus on creating a reliable and easy to use solution for your business and help protect your data in today’s ever changing world of technology…. “Simplicity that works.”


Solutions for your business

IITS Networks & Automation Group offers solutions for your business enterprise whether it’s a large multi site location or a single office. We have the experience and technology to take your business to the next level.






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